Organisation Setup (Desktop)

After Signing Up to BullRush and setting your password you will be taken to the Organisation Setup Wizard.

This article continues on directly from the Sign Up (Desktop) Article and will guide you through the Organisation Setup process.

The Organisation Setup process establishes your company with BullRush. It is a simple, 3 step process that requires you to enter some basic information about your Organisation, set your Billing Rates/Settings and sync your BullRush account with your chosen accounting software. 


Organisation Details:

The Organisation Details page is where you can enter some basic information about your company.

There are four information fields; Organisation Name, Phone Number, City and Country. In addition there is also a field where you can enter a promotional code if you received one.

Only the Organisation Name needs to be filled out in order for you to progress to Step 2 of Organisation Setup. 

Click on the "NEXT" button to proceed to the Billing Settings section.


Billing Settings:

The Billing Settings page is where you determine the Billing Rates, Currency and your Travel Billing preferences.

There are four different information fields/settings on the Billing Settings page; the Billing Rate, Currency, "Do you Charge for Travel?" and Travel Billing Rate.

The Billing Rate is the general hourly rate that will be used to calculate the invoices for billing your time within BullRush. This rate will be the benchmark rate for all of your Clients, however you can set specific Billing Rates for each of your Clients using the Clients page. Information on adjusting specific Client Billing Rates can be found in the Mobile Clients Page - Billing Settings and Desktop Clients Page - Billing Settings articles. 

The Billing Currency is simply the denomination that you would prefer to use to calculate your invoices and bill your Clients. To adjust the Currency, click on the Currency field and then select one of the options from the list. The currencies that BullRush currently supports are; the New Zealand Dollar, the Australian Dollar, United States Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound and the Canadian Dollar.

The "Do you Charge For Travel?" setting determines whether you charge for Travel and the way in which you will charge for travel. There are three ways to charge for travel; per Kilometre, per Mile or per Hour. To make a selection click on the text field, which will open a drop down menu, then simply click on one of the options from the drop-down menu to select it.

The Travel Billing Rate setting will only be available to adjust if you chose to Charge For Travel in the previous setting. The Travel Billing rate will most likely vary based on whether you chose to charge travel by Kilometres, Miles or Hours. 

Note: Please remember that all of these settings can be adjusted later once you are logged into BullRush, so do not panic if you have not calculated your Billing Rates or confirmed your Billing policies.


Sync with Accounting Software:

Syncing accounting software with BullRush allows you to import Client details that you can use to track and bill your time. This is done by simply logging into your Xero account and nominating which account you would like to sync with BullRush. 

To open the Login page for one of the supported accounting software packages, click on one of the buttons.

Syncing your BullRush account with an accounting software account is not required as you can export all of your Time Items to spreadsheets in order to process them manually or using other software. If you do not want to sync BullRush with an accounting software account or do not have an accounting software account, click on the "Skip this step" button at the bottom of the page.

For example, clicking on the Xero Sync to BullRush button will open the Xero Login Page in a new tab.

Entering your details and logging into Xero will bring you to the account selection page where you will need to select one of your accounts to sync with BullRush. If you only have one Xero account, only once choice will be available. Once you have selected the account you want to use, click on the "Allow access for 30 mins" button to sync your Xero account to your BullRush account.

After clicking the "Allow access for 30 mins" button, the Xero tab will close and you will be returned to the tab which you were completing BullRush Organisation Setup in. You will then automatically be logged into the BullRush Desktop Client and brought to the Time Tracking page (pictured below.)

Now that you are logged in you can start exploring the different features of the BullRush Desktop Client. All these features are explained in the articles that are located in the Using BullRush Desktop Client Section.

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