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Signing up for BullRush can be done either from the Desktop Client or the Mobile Application.

This article will guide you through the process of signing up for BullRush using the Mobile Application.

Note: In order to set up a BullRush Organisation properly you will need to log into the BullRush Desktop Client once you have created your account. 

Instructions for signing up to BullRush and setting up an Organisation using the Desktop Client can be found in the Help Center articles below:

- Sign Up (Desktop) Article

- Organisation Set Up (Desktop) Article


Step One - Login/Sign Up Pages:

To begin Sign Up for BullRush you need to open the application, which will bring you to the Login page.

On the Login page there is a link to the Sign Up page to the right of the Login button.

Tap on the Sign Up button to get to the Sign Up page.


The Sign Up page features three text fields that you will need to fill in order to create your BullRush account; the First Name, Last Name and Email fields.


Step Two - Sign Up:

Attempting to press the "Sign Up" button without filling out any information will generate error messages.

You must also enter a valid email address in order to receive emails from BullRush regarding your account and Organisation.


The error messages will be cleared when you when you enter your names and a valid email address. 

Tapping on the Sign Up button will send a confirmation email to your email address, which contains a temporary password that you need to use to activate your BullRush account.


Step Three - Resend Activation Email (Optional):

Pressing the Sign Up button will also bring up the activation dialog box which lets you know that the confirmation email has been sent successfully.

It also allows you to resend the activation email in case you did not receive the first email.



Step Four - Activation Email:

The confirmation email should look like the one pictured below.

Take note of the temporary password as you will need it to log into BullRush for the first time. 

The Activate Account button will open a link to the BullRush Web Client Login Page, do not worry about pressing this for now.

There are also two buttons that link to the download pages for BullRush within the Google Play and Apple App Store.


Step Five - Activating your Account:

If you do not enter your email address or the temporary password correctly an error message will appear (as shown by the screenshot below on the left.)

In order to log into BullRush and create your own password you will need to enter your Username/Email Address and temporary password correctly (as shown by the screenshot below on the right.)


Once you have entered your details correctly, tap the Login button to move on to the New Password page.


Step Six - Creating a New Password/First Login:

There are two fields on the New Password page where must enter and then confirm your new password.

Your password must be at least 8 characters in length, contain one capital letter and one number, if it does not meet these criteria, error messages will appear underneath the first password field when you try to Login.

If the first password that you enter does not match the second, another error message will appear underneath the second password field. These error messages are shown in the screenshot below on the left.

The error messages will disappear when you enter a valid, matching password into both password fields (as shown by the screenshot below on the right.)


Tapping the Login button or pressing the "Go" button on your keyboard will log you into BullRush and take you to the Time Tracking page (pictured below.)


What now?

Once you are logged in to BullRush, you can begin tracking your time right away!

However, you will need to log into your account on the BullRush Desktop Client ( in order to set up your BullRush Organisation.

This involves adjusting settings and billing rates for your Organisation along with syncing to your chosen accounting software.

Syncing your BullRush account with your chosen accounting software account imports Client information and Locations which allows you to use them for Time Tracking within BullRush.

Instructions for signing up to BullRush and setting up an Organisation using the Desktop Client can be found in the Help Center articles below:

- Sign Up (Desktop) Article

- Organisation Set Up (Desktop) Article

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