Expense Page - Adding a New Expense/Editing an Existing Expense

Expense Page - Adding a New Expense/Editing an Existing Expense:

The Add New Expense and Edit Expense pages are very similar, allowing you to modify the same information fields.

Open the New Expense Item Page by tapping on the yellow, circular "+" plus button at the top-right of the Expense List.

Open the Edit Expense Item Page by tapping on the specific Expense Item to in the Expense Item List

The Expense Item fields and the process for making or editing an Expense Item are outlined below.


New Expense/Edit Expense Item Page:

There are four different information fields with which you can define an Expense; Client, Time/Date, Amount and Description.



The Client field is where you select the Client that the particular Expense is going to be associated with and invoiced to.

Tap on the Client text field to select a Client by scrolling up and down the list until you find the Client you wish to associate the Expense with.



The Date/Time field is where you enter the date and time at which you incurred the particular expense. If you cannot remember the specific time, entering a wrong one will not affect the Expense being processed for invoicing. T

To bring up the Date/Time selection window, tap on the Date/Time text field.

The Calendar interface allows you to adjust three different fields; the Day, the Month and the Year.

Set the Month by tapping on the drop-down menu field in the top-left of the dialog box displaying the current Month. Tap the Month you wish to select and it will be applied to the Calendar interface.

Set the Year by tapping on the text field in the top-right of the dialog box displaying the current year. Tapping on the Year text field and type in the year.. Once you are happy with your entry, press "Next" to return to the Date/Time dialog box.

Once you have selected the Year and Month, the Calendar interface will change to accommodate these choices. To select the Date(Day), tap on the Date in the Calendar interface.

Additionally, there are navigational arrows to the left and right of the Month and Year fields respectively that adjust the Calendar one month backwards or one month forwards.

To set  the time of day (Hours/Minutes), either tap on the Hour and Minute boxes or use the incremental up and down arrows adjacent to the Hour and Minute boxes.

Once you are happy with the Date/Time you have set, press "OK" to confirm or if you no longer wish to adjust the Date/Time press "CANCEL."



The Amount field is where you enter the cost of the Expense. Amounts are processed using the currency you have saved on the My Settings Page in the Billing Settings section.

Adjust the Amount by tapping on the text field and entering the amount. When finished , tap outside of the keyboard or press "Done" (iOS Apple devices) or "Next" (Android).



The Description field allows you to add an explanation for the Expense.

Add a Description by tapping on the text field.

Once you have entered a description, press the "tick" Save Button in the top-right corner of the page to save the Description to the Expense Item. This will return you to the New/Edit Expense Page.

If you no longer wish to Save a Description, press the Return Button in the top left of the Description Page. This will return you to the New/Edit Expense Page.

You will not be asked to confirm whether you want to discard your Description once you press the Return Button.


Delete Button (Edit Expense Only):

To delete an Expense, tap the "DELETE" button in the bottom right of the screen.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the Expense. Press "OK" to delete or “CANCEL” to return to the Edit Expense Page.

Once an Expense is deleted it is removed from the Expense List.


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For further information regarding Time Tracking items, Clients and Billing Settings, please refer to the relevant articles in the Time Items, Clients and My Settings sections of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.

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