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Expenses are records of additional costs which you may have incurred when consulting or working for a Client. 

Expenses have four information fields which you are able to adjust in order to define the Expense; the Customer (Client?), the Date and Time, the Amount of the Expense and a Description for the Expense.

Once made, Expenses will always be flagged for invoice processing which means that they will appear in the BullRush Desktop Client. You still have the opportunity to determine whether you want to bill for Expenses or not before you send them to be processed in Xero. [This needs re-phrasing]

For more information on processing BullRush invoices and the BullRush Desktop Client, please refer to the relevant sections in the Using BullRush category of the BullRush Help Center.


Expenses Page:

The Expense Page is where you will be able to find all the Expense Items which you have created or attached to Time Items  and where you can create new Expense Items.

The Expense Page has two main features; the Expense List and the Add New Expense Button. These will be explained below.


Expense List:

The Expense List will display all the Expense Items you have created in descending chronological order, with the oldest Expenses at the top of the list and the newest Expenses at the bottom.

Each Expense Item in the Expense List will display the relevant Amount, Client, Date/Time and Description information so you can quickly identify different Expenses.

To open and view a saved Expense, simply tap on the the Expense Item in the Expense List which you wish to view.


Adding New Expenses (Add Expense Button):

Expenses can be created in two different ways, directly through the Expense Page or by creating it from the page for a Time Item.

The Add Expense Button is the yellow, circular "+" plus button located at the top-right of the Expense List. Tap on this to open the New Expense Page.

Expenses can also be created from the page for a Time Item, allowing you to associate the Expense with a particular Time Item. This is done using either of the two "Add Expense" buttons located at the top and bottom of the Time Item Page.


Further Information:

The process for creating an Expense Item will be explained in the Add/Edit Expense Item article which is also located in the Expense Page section of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center. 

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