Incomplete Time Items - Incomplete Items List Page (Overview)

Incomplete Time Item Page:

The Incomplete Line Item Page is where you can review and adjust any Time Items that are missing crucial information. This generally means they have not been assigned to a saved Client which is required in order to process the Time Item for invoicing.

The Incomplete Time Item Page can only display one day of Time Items at a time. . You can change the date by using the Date Selection Button  located in the top left corner of the page next to the Sidebar Menu Button.


Getting to the Incomplete Time Item Page:

To get to the Incomplete Time Item Page, open the Sidebar Navigation Menu and press on the Incomplete Line Items menu button.


Incomplete Time Items:

Incomplete Time Items can be identified by their Red icon, as opposed to the Green icon for Complete Time Items or the Purple icon for the currently recording Time Item.

On the Incomplete Time Items Page all the Time Items in the list will have Red icons and are listed in descending chronological order.

To navigate the Incomplete Time Item list, simply swipe the page up and down.

To edit an  Incomplete Time Item, tap on the Time Item in the Incomplete Time Item list .


Changing the Date of the Incomplete Time Item Page:

To set the date for the Incomplete Time Item Page, tap the Date Selection Button in the top left corner and adjust the year, month or  date.

It is advisable to adjust the year first, then the month and finally select a date from the Calendar, as the Calendar dynamically changes based on which year or month you have selected.

For detailed information on changing the Date on both the Time Tracking Page and the Incomplete Time Items Page, please refer to the Date Selection Button Article.


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