GPS Tracking - Mobile Device Network/Tracking Setup (Important)

BullRush utilises your mobile device's WiFi, 4G/3G mobile data and GPS capabilities to maximise the accuracy and efficiency of the Time Tracking and Location Tracking functionality.

We highly recommend that you enable WiFi, Mobile Data and GPS when using BullRush. The accuracy and functionality of the application can suffer if one or more of these features is not active.


BullRush WiFi:

BullRush requires WiFi for GPS tracking and Onsite functionality to work correctly. If WiFi is disabled, BullRush will not be able to accurately track Travel journey routes, locations and will not be able to create Onsite items at the correct times or locations.

WiFi also ensures that u travel items are closed and a Onsite item is associated with the relevant Client.


BullRush 3G/4G Mobile Data:

BullRush relies on Mobile Data to acquire GPS location information if you are outside WiFi connection.

If Mobile Data is disabled (or not working), BullRush will still keep track of your GPS location and travel route but it will be unable to associate the positions it collects through WiFi and GPS with the specific Address Information such as street names or suburbs.

This will result in Travel and Onsite Items marked as  Location "Unknown."

There is no way to retroactively retrieve that address information once you connect your mobile device to an active WiFi or Mobile Data connection.


BullRush GPS Location:

BullRush relies on the GPS function to track and time your activity. If the GPS Location function is disabled or turned off, the tracking of your activity may be inconsistent.


Using BullRush Manually:

If WiFi, Mobile Data or GPS locations are not accessible on your phone, you can manually enter your activity. BullRush may be unable to associate locations with manually tracked items.

It is not possible to use the automatic Location and Time Tracking system if WiFi, Mobile Data and GPS Location functions are all disabled.

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