GPS Tracking - Unsaved Locations and Time Item Creation

New (Unsaved) Locations and Time Items:

When an Onsite Time Item is recorded at a Location that is not saved to one of your Clients, a reference to the GPS Location will be saved to the Onsite Time Item.

This Time Item will remain without a Client until you assign one to it. Leaving the Time Item in this state will be used for occasions where you have visited a Location and do not wish to associate the time you spent there with a Client.

This feature can be disabled by adjusting the "Create New Locations" toggle which is located in the Advanced Settings section of the My Settings page.

The "Create New Locations" setting is enabled by default and it is highly recommended that you leave it ON.


Assigning a Saved/New Client to a Time Item with an Unsaved Location:

If you visit a Client's office or workplace before you associate it with their Client profile, you can retroactively assign the relevant Time Item to them.

A Time Item that has a Location but does not have a Client will be marked as Incomplete. You will need to return to the Time Item and assign a Client to it in order to complete it. To edit a Time Item, simply locate the item on the Time Tracking Page and tap on it to open the Edit Item Page.

To add or edit the Client for the Time Item simply tap on the Client field to bring up the Client List.

Both Team Member and Administrator level BullRush accounts can assign a previously saved Client to the Time Item but only Administrator level BullRush accounts can create a new Client and then assign it to the Time Item.

The best way to manage your Incomplete Items is using the Incomplete Time Items page which can be accessed from the Navigation Menu. From here, you can see all your Incomplete Time Items.


Associating the unsaved Location from a Time Item with a Client profile (Admin Account Only):

If a Client is already associated with at least one Location, you will be asked whether you want to also save the unsaved Location to their Client profile when assigning them to a Time Item with an unsaved Location.

Pressing "YES" will save that Location to the Client profile and return you to the Time Item page.

Pressing "NO" will stop the Location from being assigned to the Client and return you to the Time Item page.

If a Client is not already associated with at least one Location, then assigning them to a Time Item with an unsaved Location will save that Location to their Client Profile automatically.

You can also manually assign Locations to Clients from the Clients page using either the BullRush Mobile Application or Desktop Client.

If you do not want a Client to be associated with a Location you can delete the Location from their Client Locations list.

Instructions for deleting and manually adding Client Locations can be found in the Clients Page - Adding and Saving Client Locations (Edit Client Only) Article + [Desktop Article].


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