Clients Page - Introduction to Clients and the Client List

Client Profiles:

BullRush Client profiles contain all the relevant information for each client you are working with.

Time Tracking Items record your business activity and are created automatically (using GPS Tracking and Client Locations) or manually. Time Tracking Items must be associated with a Client profiles in order for you to accurately invoice for your time.

Accurate invoicing depends on Time Tracking Items being assigned toClient profiles are added by an administrator manually or by synchronising an Accounting Software account with BullRush.


Getting to the Clients Page:

Open the Sidebar Navigation Menu using the Sidebar Navigation Menu Button at the top left of the page and tap the Clients Menu Button.

This takes you to the Client List to view Client details as well as Add or Edit Clients (Administrator accounts only).


Add New Client (Admin Account Only):

To add a new Client, tap the t  New Client Action Button (yellow, circular "+" (plus) button) located in the top right corner of the Client List.


View Saved Client Details:

To view saved Clients, tap the Client's name in the Client List to open up their Client Page.

The Client Page contains information on Client Locations, Client Contact details, Billing Settings and Travel Settings.


Edit Saved Client (Admin Account Only):

Only Administrator level BullRush accounts canadjust Client settings and information. Any changes to Client settings will affect settings across the entire Organisation and should only be undertaken by an Administrator.


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For more information on Time Tracking Items, managing Clients within BullRush and adjusting BullRush Settings (such as General Billing Settings and Travel Billing Settings), please refer to the relevant articles that are contained in the BullRush Help Center sections listed below:

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- Clients Page Help Center Section

- My Settings Page - Billing Settings Article

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