Call History Page (Android Only) - Phone Call List (Main Page)

This article outlines the features and functions of the Call History Page and the Phone Call List.

The Call History Page is only available for Android users. Apple (iOS) devices do not allow applications to access the phone’s Call Logs.


Accessing the Call History Page:

The Call History Page is accessed through the Sidebar Navigation Menu which is opened using the Sidebar Navigation Menu Button in the top left of the screen.

The Call History Page Menu Button is located towards the bottom of the Sidebar Navigation Menu, between the My Settings and Dashboard buttons.


Using the Call History Page:

The Call History Page imports phone call information from your Call Logs and allows you to process those phone calls into Time Tracking Items.

It will only import recent phone calls from your phone’s Call Logs. The threshold for this spans from the current day to [threshold needed].

Upon opening the Call History Page, you will see the Phone Call List containing a list of all your recent phone calls.


Phone Call List Item:

Each list item that represents a phone call will display the following information:

- Whether the phone call was outgoing or incoming.

- The Length of the phone call.

- The Name of the Contact/Client that is saved in your phones Phonebook.

- The Phone Number.

- The Date and Time that the phone call occurred.


Processing the Phone Call List Items as Time Items:

Each Phone Call Item on the Call History Page can be turned into a Time Item, which will appear on the Time Tracking Page.

To do this you simply need to press the "+" Process Call Items button in the top right corner of the page.

This creates a Time Item for every Phone Call on the Phone Call List.

This does not mean that every Phone Call will be processed for billing. You can assign the Phone Call Time Item to a saved Client on the Time Tracking Page..

You also need to turn the Chargeable Toggle ON, in order for the Call Time Item to appear in the Pending Items Page on the BullRush Desktop Client. The Pending Items Page is where you finalise the details of each Time Item before processing it through Xero and billing to Clients.


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For more information regarding Editing Time Items, the Time Tracking Page or Clients, please refer to the various articles in the relevant Time Tracking Page, Time Items and Clients sections of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.

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