Call History Page - Call Item (Overview)

In both iOS and Android versions of BullRush it is possible to process calls you make on your phone into Time Tracking Items.

However, the way that phone calls are processed on iOS and Android versions of BullRush is quite different. Apple does not allow access to the phone’s  Call Logs so phone calls made on iOS devices can’t be processed through the app.  Instead, you can retrieve  call logs from iOS devices using another program and the BullRush desktop client.


Call Item Processing on Android:

On Android devices, Phone call processing and Call Item creation is  done from within the BullRush app. Phone calls are automatically recognised by BullRush and are visible in the "Call History" page.

You can get to the Call History page by opening the Sidebar Navigation Menu using the Sidebar Menu Button and selecting the Call History page.

On the Call History page you will see a list, which will contain all the phone calls made on the device since BullRush was installed. To process these calls into Time Tracking Items (Call Items), simply press the "+" button in the top right corner of the page. All the phone calls in the list should now have ticks next to them.

On the Time Tracking Page you will be able to see the phone calls that have been added to the Time Tracking List as Time Tracking Items.

Just like regular Time Tracking Items, you can modify Call Item details like Clients, Notes, Chargeability and also add Expenses.

Once you are happy with the details for the Call Item, press the "tick" Save Button in the top right of the Call Item page.


Client Contact Phone Numbers:

If the Call Item matches the Phone Number of  a Saved Client, then the Call Item is automatically assigned to that Client in both the Call History page and the Time Tracking page.

To save a phone number to a  Client, navigate to the Client Page and open the Client Contacts List. From the Client Contacts List, simply tap the yellow Add Client Contact button and enter their name along with either their Mobile, Office or Home phone numbers.

For more information please refer to the relevant article in the Clients Page section of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.

**Steps after making Time Tracking Item needed - Invoicing from desktop client**

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