My Settings Page - Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section of the My Settings Page is where you can adjust certain aspects of the background GPS Tracking and perform a couple of trouble-shooting actions.

The GPS settings include the "Create New Locations" Toggle and the "Power versus Accuracy" slide. The trouble-shooting functions are the "Send Log" button and the "Debug Mode" Toggle.


Create New Locations Toggle:

The Create New Locations Toggle determines whether BullRush will save a reference to the GPS Location of a Time Item which took place at an unsaved Location.

This occurs in instances where you spend an extended period of time at a Location that is not saved to a Client in BullRush, and gives you the option to associate that Time Item and the Location with a saved Client at a later time.

Saved Locations are Locations which have been assigned to at least one of your Clients.Unsaved Locations are Locations which have not been saved to a Client.

By default this setting turned ON (toggle button is positioned to the right and colored purple).

Creating GeoFences for unsaved locations is particularly convenient as it allows you to come back to the Time Item associated with the new location (GeoFence) and assign it to a Client for future use.

For example, you may have a one-off meeting with Client and generate a Time Item  but they turn into a regular Client. Using that initial Time Item you can save and associate that Client with the location of their office without having to manually input it into the Location Search on the Client Page.

The Create New Locations setting is OFF or disabled when the toggle is positioned to the left and colored white.

To adjust the toggle button and turn Create New Locations ON and OFF, simply tap or swipe the toggle button.

For detailed information on how to make Client profiles, how to associate them with Locations and associate Clients with Locations through Time Items, please refer to these other BullRush Help Center articles and sections:

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Power versus Accuracy Slider:

The Power versus Accuracy Slider allows you to determine how accurate the GPS Tracking is in relation to how much power it expends.

There are 3 levels; low power and accuracy, moderate power and accuracy and high power and accuracy.

The Power versus Accuracy Slider is set to high power and high accuracy by default (toggle button is positioned to the far right of the slider).

We highly recommend using the default settings (high power and high accuracy) as the battery usage on this setting i does not greatly impede the accuracy of the GPS Tracking.

The lower accuracy settings can affect the ability of BullRush to accurately detect motion changes and automatically create Time Items.

Travel route tracking is probably the function that is most affected by these settings, which can fluctuate between accurately tracking your movement down to street level and  simply mapping a line from your departure location to your arrival location. If you intend to charge Clients for Travel Time Items, you will definitely need to use BullRush on the high power and accuracy setting.

To adjust the Power versus Accuracy Slider you can either swipe the toggle button across the slider or tap on one of the three setting locations..

For detailed information on BullRush GPS Tracking and how it functions, please refer to the articles and BullRush Help Center sections listed below:

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Send Log Button:

The Send Log Button sends a record of the events that have occurred in BullRush to the BullRush Support Team for any troubleshooting issues you may have.

The Log doesn't contain any personal or Client information and is simply a record of what has happened during your use of the application.

This information helps the Support Team figure out what may have caused a particular issue.

You will most likely only need to use the Send Log button when you have been requested to do so by the BullRush Support Team.

To use the Send Log Button, simply tap on it and an event log is sent to BullRush Support.


Debug Mode:

Debug Mode is another trouble shooting setting. There is no reason to use this function unless instructed to do so by the BullRush Support Team or specifically in a BullRush Help Center article.

Debug Mode is used to check things such as GPS Tracking and Time Item creation by providing further information regarding the events and processes that may have affected the performance of BullRush.

Debug Mode can generate both text and sound notifications for the purposes of event tracking, which can be quite disruptive.

It is recommended that you do not enable Debug Mode because it does not offer any additional, practical functionality to you as a user.

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