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The Billing Settings are crucial to the core operation of BullRush as they determine your charge-out rate.

The Billing Settings only has two adjustable fields; Currency and Rate Per Hour

BullRush charges your Clients for the actual time you spend working for them. In order to accomplish this time is  calculated in hours and minutes. For example, if your rate per hour for a Client is $100 an hour and you consult them for two hours and 30 minutes, then BullRush will generate a fee of $250.00 for invoicing.


Setting the Currency:

The Currency setting allows you to adjust the charge-out currency with which you want to charge your Clients.

The available currencies are New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, U.S Dollars, Euros and Great British Pounds.

To adjust the currency, tap on the currency menu field to open the Currency Selection Menu.

On iOS, scroll up or down the list  to find your desired currency and press "Done".

On Android,  tap on the name of  your desired currency and save your choice.


Setting the Rate Per Hour:

The Rate Per Hour setting is the "general" rate that will be charged to your clients. BullRush invoices are calculated using both hours and minutes, in correlation with the Rate Per Hour, to generate a result that accurately represents the time you have spent working with a particular Client.

To adjust the Rate Per Hour, simply tap on the text field displaying the current Rate Per Hour.

The iOS (Apple) keyboard is pictured above on the left and the Android keyboard is pictured on the right.

Enter the numeric value for your Rate Per Hour using the keyboard, then tap anywhere outside of the keyboard for iOS or press the "Done" and "Next" buttons for Android devices.

It is possible to set a unique Rate Per Hour for a specific Client.The procedure for setting a specific Rate Per Hour for a particular Client is outlined below.


Setting a specific Rate Per Hour for a particular Client:

Time Items are processed for invoicing based on the Billing Settings Rate Per Hour by default, however the Rate Per Hour you charge to a particular Client can be adjusted on the Client Page.

The process for adjusting a specific Client's Rate Per Hour is briefly explained below, for more detailed information on adjusting specific Client settings please refer to the Clients Page - Billing Settings article or the other articles located in the Clients Page Help Center Section.

If you wish to charge a Client a unique Rate Per Hour but keep the general Rate Per Hour the same, go to the Client’s profile page and adjust the Rate Per Hour value.

To do this, open the Sidebar Navigation Menu by pressing the Sidebar Menu Button and open the Clients Page.

From the Clients page scroll the Client List and select the Client that you wish to set a specific Rate Per Hour for.

Once the Client page is open, the Rate Per Hour setting is located in the Billing Settings section. The procedure for setting the Rate Per Hour on iOS and Android is exactly the same as is explained above in the "Setting the Rate Per Hour" section of this article.

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