Time Items - Types - Manual - In The Past (Detailed

To create a Manual Time Item, simply tap the yellow, circular "+" cross button on the Time Tracking Page.

This will bring up the Manual Time Item Menu.

There are three different types of Manual Time Items.

This article will detail the third option, "Record Time Item - In The Past."

Articles that explain the other two Manual Time Item options can be found at the links below:

- Time Items - Types - Manual - From Now

- Time Items - Types - Manual - Set Start


Record Time Item - In The Past:

Note: You will need to be aware of the Start Time and End Time of the Time Item you wish to create, because you will not be able to refer to the Time Tracking Pages while you are making the Manual Item. Returning to the Time Tracking Page from the Manual Item Creation Page will discard any information and details that you have set for the new Past Item.

A Past Time Item is useful when you have forgotten to make a Client Task Item and the time at which it occurred has long since past. For example, if you had a meeting yesterday and you forgot to make a Time Item, you can make a Past Time Item by manually setting both the Start and the End times.  

"Record Time Item - In The Past" always generates a "Complete" Time Item.

If you have another item that started before the Start Time of the new Past Item and ended after the End Time of the new Past Item, then the old item will be split into two Time Items.

The Start and End Times of a Past Time Item are definite, so once the Past Time Item is made, all the Time Items that overlap with the new Past Item will be shortened or completely erased.

The Start Time and End Time of a Past Time Item can be set to any value that occurs in the past. Attempting to set either Time to a value in the future will not result in an error, because Past Items are "Complete" when they are made.

To create a Client Task that started in the past use the "Set Start" Manual Time Item option to make the item the currently recording Time Item. For more information on Set Start Time Items please refer to the relevant article in the Time Items section of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.  


New Manual Item Creation Page:

The "Record Time Item - In The Past" will take you to the New Manual Item Creation Page.

You will be able to edit five fields for the New Manual Item that is being created; Client, Start Time, End Time, Notes and Chargeable (Toggle).



Set the Client by tapping on the Select Client field to bring up your list of Saved Clients. Saved Clients are listed in alphabetical order.

You can also assign a "Personal" identifier to a new Manual Time Item. The "Personal" identifier is a essentially a placeholder, which recognises the Time Item as a period in which you were not undertaking Client related activity.

Create New Client and add it to the Manual Time Item (Admin Account Only):

Administrator accounts are able to create and save a new Client by tapping on the yellow, circular "Create New Client" button which is positioned at the top right of the Client list. This opens up the Create New Client Page. If you need help with creating and saving a new Client, please refer to the relevant articles in the Clients Section in the BullRush Help Center. Once you have made the new Client, it can be immediately assigned to the Manual Time Item..


Start Time:

Below the Client field is the Start Time field. This is where you can set the start time.

Tapping on the Start Time field will bring up the Set Start Time and Date dialog box. You will see both a calendar interface and a clock interface.

The Calendar interface allows you to adjust three different fields: the Day, the Month and the Year.

The Month can be set by tapping on the drop-down menu in the top-left of the dialog box. From the menu, simply tap on the name of the Month you wish to select.

The Year can be set by tapping on the text field in the top-right of the dialog box. Tapping on the Year text field will bring up the numeric keyboard. Press the "Next" button to return to the Date/Time dialog box.

To select the Day, simply tap on the Date in the Calendar interface.

Additionally, there are navigational arrows to the left and right of the Month and Year fields respectively that adjust the Calendar one month backwards or one month forwards.

You can either tap on the Hour and Minute boxes to set the values through the keyboard or use the incremental up and down arrows.

Press "OK" to confirm the Start Time or if you no longer wish to adjust the Start Time press "CANCEL."


End Time:

Setting the End Time for a new In The Past Manual Time Item is exactly the same as  setting the Start Time. Please refer to the above section which explains how to set the Start Time for an In The Past Manual Time Item.

The End Time does, however, need to be set to a Time and Date that is later than the Start Time.



The Notes field is where you can add additional information regarding the Time Item. The Notes field can be edited later by opening the Time Item in the Time Items List and then tapping on the Notes field.

As soon as you edit a Note in any way, the Save Button will appear at the top right of the Notes page in the purple Navigation Bar. You must press this button to save your Notes.

The Return Button is in the top left corner of the page. When you press the Return Button a dialogue box will appear confirming whether or not you want to discard the Notes you have written. Pressing the "CANCEL" button will close the dialogue box, pressing the "OK" button will discard your Notes and return you to the Time Item page.


Chargeable (Toggle):

The Chargeable Toggle Button determines whether or not you want a Time Item to be invoiced to the relevant Client.

If the Chargeable Toggle is ON,  any time spent with the Client during this Time Item will be marked for invoicing to them.

If the Chargeable Toggle is OFF, then the Client will not be invoiced for the particular time that this Time Item represents.

You can choose to charge or not charge a Client for activity by turning the Chargeable toggle to ON or OFF.

For more information on setting the general or a client-specific "Rate Per Hour" please refer to the My Settings Page - Billing Settings Article and the Clients Page - Billing Settings Article in the Clients Page and My Settings Page sections in the BullRush Help Center.


Save and Create New Manual Item:

Once you are happy with the setup for the New Manual Item, press the "tick" Save Button in the top right corner of the page in the purple Navigation Bar.

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