Time Items - Types - Personal

The "Personal" identifier indicates a segment of time in which you did not undertake any Client related activity, while still keeping the BullRush GPS tracking active.

Items that have been assigned the "Personal" identifier can be edited and assigned a Client, by opening the item, tapping the "Client" field and selecting a Saved Client from the list.

The "Personal" identifier can be assigned to many situations, outlined below:


Assigning the "Personal" Identifier yourself:

The "Personal" identifier can be selected as a Client option when editing an Incomplete Time Item.

After you tap on the Client field and open the Client List, the "MARK AS PERSONAL" button at the bottom of the page will mark the Time Item as Personal.

Alternatively it can be used to alter a completed Time Item that has been allocated to a saved Client so that they will not be invoiced for that period of time.


The "Personal" identifier automatically being assigned to Time Items:

The "Personal" identifier will generally only get assigned to Time Items automatically when you delete a completed Time Item.

This is because when you delete a Time Item that has been associated in some way with a saved Client or a new Location, BullRush still needs to keep a reference to that period of time.


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For more information on Time Items, Time Tracking Page and the Time Item Page, please refer to the Time Tracking Page Section and the Time Item Section of the BullRush Help Center.

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