Time Items - Types - Travel (GPS)

Travel (GPS) Items:

Travel GPS Time Items are created when BullRush detects significant movement away from a saved Client Location or a recently created unsaved location.

Travel GPS Time Items are closed when BullRush recognises that you have stopped for a significant amount of time either at a Saved Client Location or at a new unsaved location. This recognition takes a few minutes so Travel Items are not closed if you stop at traffic lights or drive past a saved Client Location, for example.

BullRush will recognise and accurately track travel that is conducted on-foot or in a vehicle. Vehicle travel will generate Travel Items more promptly because of the speed at which you leave the Location.


Editing Travel Items:

Travel Items cannot be adjusted to the same extent as other Time Items, because Client, Location and Timing information is automatically acquired through motion and GPS tracking.

Once completed, you cannot adjust the departure or arrival time or the start or end locations of a Travel Item. It is possible to adjust Expenses, Notes, Chargeability and delete the Travel Item.

In addition to the basic information fields, Travel Items also include a Google Map route and distance traveled (KMs or Miles.)

Travel Items are chargeable just like other Time Items. Ensure the Chargeable Toggle is enabled on the Travel Item page to flag it for invoicing. Travel Items always gets assigned to the Client which you travel to, but can be reassigned later on.

Travel Time Items, just like Onsite Time Items or Manual Time Items, can be edited later on the BullRush Desktop Client before being processed for invoicing.

Attribute expenses to Travel Items by using the "$" button or the "Add Expense" button on the Travel Item page. This can be done once the Travel Item has stopped recording by tapping on it in the list on the Time Tracking Page.

For more information on Editing Time Items or Creating Expenses, visit the Time Items - Editing Time Items Article and the Expenses Section in the BullRush Help Center.


Travel Items and tracking services:

Travel Items require WiFi, GPS Location and Mobile Data services to be enabled on your mobile device.

For more information on WiFi, GPS Location and Mobile Data services and how they are utilised within BullRush, visit the Mobile Device Network/Tracking Setup article located in both the Getting Started/FAQ and the Using BullRush - GPS Tracking sections of the BullRush Help Center.


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