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ONSITE GPS Items are created when you either arrive at a saved Client Location or remain at an unsaved location for an extended period of time. These items are based around you and your mobile device remaining stationary at a certain Location or remaining within the GeoFence related to the Onsite Time Item.

If you remain stationary at a Saved Client Location for a short period of time, then an ONSITE Item is created. BullRush has recognised that you have entered and remained within the GeoFence associated with that Client.

If you remain stationary in a place which is not associated with a Saved Client, an ONSITE Item is created with reference to that Location, but will not have a Client reference. A temporary GeoFence is created for this type of Onsite Time Item in order to allow you to move around within a certain distance of the Location without BullRush closing the Time Item. For example, if you visit a Client and need to move around within their building.

When you go outside a GeoFence (whether it is a temporary one or a permanent one), BullRush will close the Onsite Time Item and create a Travel Time Item (depending on various things such as how fast you are travelling or how long you have remained outside of the GeoFence).


Importance of mobile data and location services:

ONSITE (GPS) Time Items are reliant on your WiFi, GPS Location and Mobile Data services being enabled. If one or more of these services is disabled or unable to function properly, then ONSITE items will either be inaccurate or not created at all.

For more information on how BullRush uses your data services (WiFi, GPS Location and Mobile Data) please refer to the GPS Tracking Section of the BullRush Help Center, specifically the GPS Tracking - Mobile Device Network/Tracking Setup Article.


Additional settings and information fields:

Once an ONSITE GPS Time Item has finished recording, you can adjust a few different information fields including which Client it is assigned to, whether they will be charged for the Time Item and if there are any additional Expenses associated with the Time Item.


"Personal" Client Placeholder:

You can assign the "Personal" Client placeholder to the Time Item for instances like lunch where you do not wish Clients or Locations to be associated with the Time Item, or as an alternative to toggling the Chargeable setting OFF.


Chargeable Toggle Button:

The Chargeable Toggle on a Time Item page determines whether or not that Time Item will be processed for invoicing. ONSITE Time Items that have been assigned to a Saved Client will always have their Chargeable Toggle enabled by default.



Onsite Time Items can also have Expenses associated with them. These can be added by either tapping on the "$" button (Add Expense) or the "Add Expense" buttons at the top and bottom the Onsite Time Items Page respectively.


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For more information on the Time Item page please refer to the Time Items - Page Explained (Brief) Article and the Time Items - Editing An Item Article in the BullRush Help Center.

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