Time Tracking Page - Time Item List

The Time Item List is the space located below the Weekly Target Bar and Add Manual Item Button.

Once BullRush detects your GPS Location, it will automatically create your first ONSITE Time Item which will be assigned an approximate street address for your current location.

If you are at a Location you have saved to a Client profile, BullRush will automatically assign the relevant Client to the Time Item.

The Time Item List and Time Items are core to BullRush's functionality and will be the features that you will use most.


Using the Time Item List:

The Time Item List is arranged chronologically going down the page, with the currently recording Time Item at the bottom of the page/list.

To view a Time Item List for another day, use the Date Selector in the top-left of the Time Tracking Page.

To view and edit the details of a Time Item, scroll to the Item in the Time Item List and tap the item to open it.

For more information on the Time Item page  visit the Time Items section of the BullRush Help Center.

For more information on changing the date, different types of Time Items, editing a Time Item or more general information about the Time Tracking page, please refer to the articles listed below:

- Time Tracking Page - Date Selection Button Article

- Time Items Help Center Section

- Time Items - Editing an Item Article

- Time Items - Page Explained (Brief) Article


Other Time Tracking Page features and their effects on the Time Item List:

On the Time Tracking Page there are a couple of other features or buttons which will affect the Time Item List.


Log Out Button:

This button logs you out of your account and closes your active Time Item.

You will need to log back into BullRush to begin tracking your business activity again.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm whether you want to log out when you press the Log Out button.


Add Manual Time Item Button:

This button will allow you to create 3 different kinds of Manual Time Items and take you to the respective pages where you determine the details for the items.

These buttons and their functions are explained briefly in the "Time Tracking Page - Add Time Item Button (Brief)" article and are explained in detail in the articles listed below:

- "Record Time Item - From Now" article

- "Record Time Item - Set Start" article

- "Insert Time Item in the Past" article


Different Time Items:

There are different iterations of Time Items, each one is explained briefly here.

The first level of identification is the Colour of the Time Item which will be either Purple (Recording), Green(Complete) or Red(Incomplete).

The second level of identification is the Type of the Time Item, which can be broken down to "Onsite (GPS)" items, "Travel (GPS)" items, "Personal" Items, "Client Task" (Manual) items and Unassigned items.

There are also a couple smaller indicators for Time Items.

The currently recording item always appears at the bottom of the Time Item List. The main text for the item will be Purple and have the word "RECORDING" to the right of the Item Type.

Time Items that are longer than 15 minutes will be slightly larger within the Time Item List, as an Item that is longer than 15 minutes is considered to be a significant period of Travel or Client interaction.

For more information on the different iterations of Time Items please refer to the "Time Items" section of the BullRush Help Center.

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