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Incomplete Time Items represent periods of time where you did not interact with a Saved Client or BullRush did not receive sufficient information regarding your activity.

Both regular Onsite Time Items and Travel Time Items can be flagged as Incomplete Time Items if they have not been assigned or associated with saved Clients.


Please Note:

When you adjust an Incomplete Time Item and assign a Client to it, you will "complete" the Time Item. This mean that the Time Item will no longer be accessible from the Incomplete Time Item Page and you will instead have to locate the Time Item manually using the Time Tracking Page.

In the Incomplete Time Item Page, you can edit Client, Start Time, Notes and the Chargeable Toggle, and the Add Expense and Delete buttons. Each of these information fields and settings are explained below.



Tap on the Select Client field to bring up the Saved Clients list. Saved Clients are listed in alphabetical order.

You can also create and save a new Client by tapping on the yellow, circular "Create New Client" button positioned at the top right of the Client list. This will open up the Create New Client Page. If you do not know how to create and save a new Client please refer to the relevant article in the Clients section of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center. Once you have created the new Client, it can be immediately assigned to the Incomplete Time Item you are editing.

Instead of assigning a Saved Client to the Incomplete Item, you also have the option to assign the "Personal" identifier to a Saved Client. The "Personal" identifier recognises the Time Item as a period in which you were not undertaking business or Client related activity. This is particularly useful when managing your Incomplete Time Items as you may find that many Incomplete Time Items represent periods of time in which you were not conducting business related activity.


Start Time:

Below the Client field is the Start Time field, where you can adjust the start time of the Time Item.

Keep in mind that if you change the Start Time to an earlier or later time, this will affect the Time Item that occurred before the one you are adjusting. For example, making the Start Time for a Time Item an hour earlier will incidentally truncate the item that preceded it to compensate for the change in time. If you make the Start Time of an item an hour later, a void of 1 hour will be created between the new Start Time of the Time Item and the End Time of the Time Item which preceded it.

Tapping on the Start Time field will bring up the Set Start Time and Date dialog box. You will see both a calendar interface and a clock interface.

The Calendar interface allows you to adjust three different fields; the Day, the Month and the Year.

The Month can be set by tapping on the drop-down menu field in the top-left of the dialog box that displays the name of the current Month. From the menu, simply tap on the name of the Month which you wish to select and it will be applied to the Calendar interface.

The Year can be set by tapping on the text field in the top-right of the dialog box that displays the current year. Tapping on the Year text field will bring up the numeric keyboard, where you can type in the year that you want to apply to the Calendar interface. Once  finished, press the "Next" button to return to the Date/Time dialog box.

Once you have selected the Year and Month, the Calendar interface will have changed to accommodate these choices. To select the Date(Day), simply tap on the Date in the Calendar interface.

Additionally, there are navigational arrows to the left and right of the Month and Year fields respectively that adjust the Calendar one month backwards or one month forwards respectively.

The interface for setting the time of day (Hours/Minutes) is the same as for the Set Start Manual Item.You can eitheruse the keyboard or use the incremental up and down arrows which are adjacent to the Hour and Minute boxes.

Once you have set the Start Time, press "OK" to confirm the Start Time or "CANCEL" if you no longer want to adjust the time.



The Notes field is where you are able to add any additional information for the Time Item. The Notes field can be edited by tapping on the Notes text field.

You must press this button to save your Notes, if you back out of the page after you have entered some new Notes or edited some old ones then all your additions will be lost.


Chargeable (Toggle):

The Chargeable Toggle Button determines whether or not you want the Time Item to be charged to the Client.

If the Chargeable Toggle is ON,  the time you have spent with the Client during this Time Item will be marked for invoicing.

If the Chargeable Toggle is OFF, then the Client will not be invoiced for this particular Time Item.

The Chargeable toggle can be turned ON or OFF on an Item-by-Item basis, meaning you can charge a Client for some meetings and not for others.

For more information on setting the "Rate Per Hour" please refer to both the Clients and My Settings sections of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.


Add Expense Button:

On the Time Item page, you will find the "Add Expense" and "Delete Item" Buttons,represented by the "Rubbish Bin" and "$" Dollar Sign icons, respectively.

At the bottom of the page, these functions are simply represented by the "DELETE" and "ADD EXPENSE" text.

Tapping on either of the Add Expense buttons will bring up the New Expense page. There are four fields you can edit; Client, Date/Time, Amount and Notes.

The process for creating an Expense is covered in greater detail in the Expense Page section of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.


Delete Item Button:

To delete an item, press either  the "Rubbish Bin" Button at the top of the Time Item Page orthe "DELETE" button at the bottom of the Time Item Page.

A confirmation dialog box will explain that the item will be converted into a "Personal Item". Press "OK" to confirm deletion or press "CANCEL" to go back to the Edit Item Page.


Save changes:

Once you are happy with the adjustments you have made to the Incomplete Time Item, press the "tick" Save Button in the top right corner of the page in the purple Navigation Bar.

Once you have edited a Time Item, you can edit the information at any time,as the details are not final until the item is processed for invoicing.


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