Time Tracking Page - Weekly Target Bar

The Weekly Target Bar is the dark grey bar located beneath the purple Navigation Bar at the top of the Time Tracking Page.

The Weekly Target is your benchmark income for the week and as you accrue billable Time Items with Clients, this Weekly Target will update completion percentage.

By default, the Weekly Target Bar displays "Set Weekly Target" with a "Cog" button next to it. You will see this weekly target when you log in to BullRush.

Set your Weekly Target by pressing the "Cog" button, or navigate to the My Settings page and scroll down to the Billing Targets section where you will find the (Chosen Currency) Per Week setting.

To ensure Time Items are accurately recorded against your  Weekly Target make sure that Time Items have the Billable Toggle in the correct position (Billable or Non-Billable) and that individual Rate Per Hour figures are correct for each Client. These rates are set and managed by an BullRush Administrator account. Check with the Administrator from your organisation for information regarding Client Rates.


Further Information:

For more information on adjusting Billing Targets, adjusting a specific Client's Rate Per Hour, toggling Chargeability for a specific Time Item or setting the general Rate Per Hour for your Organisation visit r these BullRush Help Center articles:

- "My Settings Page - Billing Targets" article

- "Clients Page - Billing Settings" article

- "Time Item - Page Explained" article (Chargeability Toggle)

- "My Settings Page - Billing Settings" article

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