GPS Tracking - Travel Time Items and Travel Tracking

BullRush is able to track your travel between Locations using GPS Tracking and recording it as a Travel Time Item.

Travel Time Items:

Travel Time Items include additional detail fields to measure, visualise and bill your travel activity.

These additional fields include a secondary Client field, a Google Map representing your journey and two Address fields.

The Travel Time Item Page is also formatted differently in order for the page to be more coherent for the purposes of representing travel or a journey.

The Google Map will have a route line on it that represents your journey.

The two Client fields are titled "From" and "To," representing the Locations where you started and finished your journey.

If you travelled from or to an unsaved Location then there will no be no Client name in the field.

Both of the Client fields are accompanied by Address fields which will display the street address of the Location.

Travel Tracking:

The creation and closing of Travel Time Items is determined using the WiFi, 3G/4G Mobile Data and GPS Location services on your phone.

Travel Items are created when you leave saved Location GeoFences or move a significant distance away from the Location of your active Time Item.

GeoFences are circular zones created around saved Client Locations. BullRush will detect when you are within a saved Client Location’s GeoFence but will only create a Time Item for the Client if you remain within the GeoFence for a period of time.

If you have the Notification Settings enabled, you will also receive notifications when you enter and leave Client GeoFences.

The size of the GeoFence for a Location can be adjusted from the Client's Location page. 

BullRush will close an Onsite Time Item and open a Travel Time Item when you remain outside a GeoFence for a significant amount of time.

Significant changes in motion, such as driving a car, will generate a Travel Item more promptly.

If you are walking around a large client site/building, or only briefly leave a GeoFence, BullRush will not create a Travel Item.

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