GPS Tracking - Client Location Recognition and Time Item Creation

Clients and Client Locations:

BullRush recognises work activity by matching your physical GPS location with saved Client Locations.

Only administrator level BullRush accounts can create and edit Client profiles.  Client Profiles store personal details, billing settings, contact information and Locations.

Client Locations are addresses that are assigned to Clients and then mapped into the BullRush GPS Tracker. Each Client Location is given a GeoFence, which is a circular area (the size of which you can determine) used to indicate to BullRush that you are visiting a Client . Client Locations can only be managed by Administrator level BullRush accounts as they are shared and utilised by the entire Organisation.

A Client can have multiple Locations associated with their BullRush profile. When BullRush detects that you have entered and remained at a Client Location, it will automatically create a Time Item for that Client.

If you have multiple Clients associated with the same building, BullRush will assign the "Multiple Clients at Location" placeholder. You will then need to edit the Time Item once it is complete and change the Client field to the correct Client.

Time Items that have been assigned the "Multiple Clients at Location" placeholder will be marked as Incomplete and appear in your Incomplete Items page.


Time Item Creation: 

Time Items are the units of time which BullRush uses to organise your business activity. A Time Item represents a period of time that you spent with a Client at a particular Location, traveling to or calling a Client.

BullRush will not create a Time Item if you briefly pass through a Client Location GeoFence.

BullRush will create a Time Item if you remain at a Client Location (GeoFence) for a significant amount of time, these Time Items are called Onsite Items.

If your GPS Location matches a Location saved to a Client, BullRush will automatically create an Onsite Time Item assigned to the relevant Client.

If your GPS Location does not match a Location saved to a Client, BullRush will create an Onsite Time Item referencing the specific GPS Location.


Assigning an unsaved Location to a new Client (Admin Account Only):

If you have an Administrator level BullRush account, it is possible to create a new Client profile and assign it to an Onsite Time Item that is associated with an unsaved Location.

You will be asked to confirm whether you want to indefinitely associate the Location with the Client, doing so will result in all future Time Items that are recorded at the Location being automatically assigned to the Client.  

If you are using a Team Member account you will need to ask an Administrator within your organisation to create a Client profile and then assign the address to them. This can be carried out within both the Desktop Client and Mobile Application by the Administrator.


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