Time Tracking Page - Menu Button

Access the Sidebar Menu from the top-left corner of the screen.

The Sidebar Menu allows you to access  the different sections and features of BullRush.

Your BullRush account username is displayed at the top of the Sidebar navigation menu. To the right of your username is the Hide Menu Button. Pressing this button brings the Active BullRush section screen back into view and hides the Menu.

In the Sidebar Menu, you can access:

- Time Tracking: Takes you to the Time Tracking page, which functions as the main page for the application.

- Clients: Takes you to the Client list page which is where you can create your catalog of Clients and assign relevant contact, billing and location information.

- Incomplete Line Items: Takes you to the Incomplete Items page which is where you will be able to review all of your Time Items that are missing basic information such as an assigned Client or Location..

- Expenses: Takes you to the Expense page where you can review all the Expenses assigned to Time Items and create new Expense entries.

- My Settings: Takes you to the My Settings page where you can adjust Billing Settings, Privacy Settings, Phone Call Settings (Android Only), Travel Settings, Billing Targets and Notification Settings.

- Call History (Android Only): The Call History page allows you to review all calls  and create Call Items to invoice the Client for the relevant call.

- Dashboard: The dashboard provides a visual representation of your time usage and billing totals for the week.

- Support: Opens your Internet Browser and takes you to the BullRush Zendesk Support Site.

- Logout: Logs you out of BullRush.


Further Information:

For an explanation of the features of each BullRush page visit the Using BullRush category of the BullRush Help Center.

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