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The Privacy Settings section of the My Settings Page contains two features which allow you to set periods where BullRush will automatically turn ON Privacy Mode.

Privacy Mode halts the BullRush background tracking service stopping the creation of any ONSITE or Travel Time Items.

Privacy Mode is generally used for periods when you do not want to be tracked and will not be undertaking business related activity. The Privacy Settings allow you to define common times when  you are not conducting business related activity and you do not have to manually switch the application into Privacy Mode every time.

The two settings are the "Ignore Weekends" toggle and the "Daily Privacy Window" toggle, both of these settings will be explained in the next section below.

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Ignore Weekends:

The Ignore Weekends toggle determines whether or not you want BullRush to turn ON Privacy Mode over the  weekend.

To adjust the toggle you can either tap on it or swipe it.

Ignore Weekends is enabled when the toggle is positioned to the right and is colored purple.

Ignore Weekends is disabled when the toggle is positioned to the left and is colored white.


Daily Privacy Window:

The "Daily Privacy Window" allows you to define a period of time that occurs every day when  BullRush automatically goes into Privacy Mode.

This is most commonly the period between the end of one working day and the start of the next.

The Daily Privacy Window comprises of three different settings fields; the Daily Privacy Window Toggle, the End of Day field and the Start of Day field.


Daily Privacy Window Toggle:

By default the Daily Privacy Toggle is turned OFF.  You will need to turn it ON to set End of Day and Start of Day times.

Like other toggle buttons within BullRush, the toggle is OFF if the button is positioned to the left and colored white. The toggle is ON if the button is positioned to the right and colored purple.

Simply tap the Daily Privacy Window Toggle button to turn it ON to adjust the End of Day and Start of Day fields.


End of Day:

The End of Day field defines the time at which you normally stop working or conducting business and functions as the start time of the Daily Privacy Window.

To adjust the End of Day time, simply tap on the End of Day text field and set the time.

The interface for setting the time will be slightly different on iOS and Android devices, both of these are explained below.

On an iOS device,  scroll the Hour - Minute - AM/PM fields up or down by swiping each field. and press "Done"

On an Android device use the "+"/"-" buttons that are adjacent to each field.Once you have finished, press the "Set" button in the bottom left of the dialog box to confirm your choice.


Start of Day:

The Start of Day field defines the time you normally start working in the morning and functions as the End Time of the Daily Privacy Window.

The procedure for setting the Start of Day is exactly the same as setting the End of Day.

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