My Settings Page - Overview

The My Settings page is where you define many of the Settings and parameters for how BullRush works.

To get to the My Settings page, simply open the Sidebar Navigation Menu using the Sidebar Menu Button. [Image]

On the My Settings page you can set; "Billing Settings," "Privacy Settings," "Travel Settings," "Billing Targets," "Notification Settings" and "Advanced Settings. These are briefly outlined below. You will find more detailed information on each of these settings in the specific article in the My Settings section of the Using BullRush Help Center category.


Billing Settings:

The Billing Settings section is where you define your general chargeable rate for Clients and the currency of the rate.

The dedicated Billing Settings Help Center article can be found here.

The "Currency" setting is a drop-down menu that allows you to select from a range of international currencies.

The "Rate Per Hour" is a text field where you can enter a numeric value which represents your general rate per hour to Clients.

You can set a unique "Rate Per Hour" for a particular Client on the Client Page. For more information on this, please refer to the Client Page section of the Using BullRush category in the BullRush Help Center.


Billing Targets:

The Billing Targets section is where you set your "Weekly Target," which is displayed and tracked in the Weekly Target Bar on the Time Tracking Page.

The dedicated Billing Targets Help Center article can be found here.

Your Billing Target is all the income that you accrue in a r week as a total of all of your Chargeable Time Items.

The Billing Target or Weekly Target is defined by setting values for your "Hours Per Week" and Currency Per Week.

For more information on the Time Tracking Page, Time Items and Clients, please refer to these other BullRush Help Center sections:

- Time Tracking Page Help Center Section

- Time Items Help Center Section

- Clients/Client Page Help Center Section


Privacy Settings:

The Privacy Settings section is where you define your preference for  the Privacy features including "Ignore Weekends" and "Daily Privacy Window". Both of these settings put BullRush into Privacy Mode automatically at times when you are most likely not conducting business related activity.

The dedicated Privacy Settings Help Center article can be found here.

When "Ignore Weekends" is switched ON, BullRush automatically switches to Privacy Mode on the weekend. [does it start late Friday or Saturday morning?]

The "Daily Privacy Window" allows you to define a period of time that occurs every day which automatically puts BullRush into Privacy Mode.

For more information on Privacy Mode, GPS Tracking or how to use the Privacy Settings, please refer to these other BullRush Help Center articles and sections:

- How does BullRush know where I am?

- How does BullRush automatically record my time?

- What if I don't want BullRush to track my location?

- Time Tracking Page - Privacy Toggle Button

- Time Items - Types - Privacy

- GPS Tracking (Section containing various articles regarding GPS Tracking)


Travel Settings:

The Travel Settings section is where you define whether you want BullRush to charge for travel. You can define what unit of distance you charge by, whether you charge by distance or time and the respective rates that you will charge for each unit of travel.

The dedicated Travel Settings Help Center article can be found here.


Notification Settings:

The Notification Settings section allows you to customise which BullRush events trigger a notification on your phone. The options are predetermined and can be turned ON or OFF using a toggle button.

The dedicated Notification Settings Help Center article can be found here.


Advanced Settings:

The Advanced Settings section includes settings which affect BullRush’s GPS Tracking. We highly recommend using the default setup for these settings as changing them can completely change how the GPS Tracking works.

The dedicated Advanced Settings Help Center article can be found here.

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