Time Tracking Page - Add Time Item Button(Brief)

To add Time Items, select the circular yellow button on the Time Tracking page with the "+" symbol in the middle.. This button is located at the top of the Time Item list to the right of the page, straddling the Weekly Target Bar and the Time Items list.

There  are three choices for adding a  Manual Time Item:


Record Time Item - From Now:

Create a Manual Time Item that starts recording immediately. Once started, this item will close the currently active item.


Record Time Item - Set Start:

Create a Manual Time Item that starts recording from a point determined by you. However, the Start Time for these items can only be set to a time that is equal to or greater than the Start Time of the currently active Time Item. For example, if the currently active Time Item began at 1:00pm, then you cannot create a "Set Start" Time Item that begins its recording at 12:00pm, but you can create a "Set Start" Time Item that begins its recording at 1:30pm.


Insert Time Item - In the Past:

Create a Manual Time Item that you can  overlaps with previously completed Time Item(s) by setting the Start and End Dates and Time. It is recommended that you record the specific Date or Time at which you want to insert the new Time Item, so you do not overlap a Time Item that you did not wish to adjust or delete. This Manual Time Item option is useful when you forgot to create a manual item for a Client meeting previously and wish to retroactively create one so that you can process it for invoicing.

When choosing one of these Time Item sub-options you will be taken to the relevant Manual Time Item creation page.


Further Information:

For more information on each of the different Manual Time Item pages please refer to these other BullRush Help Center articles:

- "Record Time Item - From Now" article

- "Record Time Item - Set Start" article

- "Insert Time Item in the Past" article

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