Time Tracking Page - Date Selection Button

The Date Selection Button is located to the right of the Sidebar Menu button.

Tapping on either the date text ("TODAY" by default) or the drop-down arrow will bring up the Date Selection dialogue box.

From here, you can adjust the Year, Month and Day, and return to today’s date using the "Today" button.

To review Time Items for a specific date, enter the year, month and day. You can perform all the tasks on the current date as well as previous dates, including changing (Should this be charging?) Clients for items, modifying the length of Items, adding Historic Time Items in or adding Expenses to items.


Selecting a Month:

In the Date Selection Window, use the navigational arrows or drop-down menu to select the month.The Month navigational arrows are positioned to the left and right of the Month drop-down menu and the Year drop-down feel respectively.

Pressing the left navigational arrow will change the window to display the previous Month to the one currently selected and pressing the right navigational arrow will change the window to display the next Month after the one currently selected.

Pressing the Month menu button will bring up the Month selection dialogue box, where you will be able to select the month you would like to view the Time Items for from a list. (Is this section necessary?)

This list is displayed slightly differently on iOS Apple and Android devices.

On Android devices it is a simple "radio button" bullet list.Swipe the list and then tap on the name of a Month to select that Month.

On iOS Apple devices it is a scrolling list interface. Scroll the list until you have the Month you want to select positioned within the selection field. The name of the currently selected Month will also be bolded as shown below.


Selecting a Year:

To adjust the Year simply tap on the text field box that is displaying the current Year in the Date Selection dialogue box. This will bring up the numeric keyboard and you can enter the year.

The numeric keyboard is slightly different on iOS Apple and Android devices, but functions in the same way.


Selecting a Date:

To select a specific date, simply use both the Month and Year selection methods as above.. ap on the Date (Number/Day of Week) you want to view from the Calendar display and press the "OK" button.

Pressing "Cancel" will close the Date Selection Window and return you to the Time Tracking Page..


Further Information:

For more information on the Time Item page, visit the Time Tracking Page section in the BullRush Help Center.

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