Time Tracking Page - Overview

The Time Tracking page is where you will conduct most of your activity in BullRush.

Features and Functions:

The time Tracking page gives you access to most functions of BullRush.  This section covers what is accessible from the Time Tracking page and how Time Items work.


Purple Navigation Bar:

On the far left of the purple Navigation Bar you will see the Sidebar Menu button (three horizontal lines) (pictured somewhere).

Pressing the Sidebar Menu Button will open the Sidebar Menu.


Date Selection Drop-Down Menu:

The Date Selection Drop-Down Menu is accessed by tapping the date field in the Sidebar Menu.. This drop-down menu allows you to select a Time Tracking page to view or edit.

For more information on the Date Selection Drop-Down Menu visit the Date Selection Button article in the BullRush Help Center.


Privacy Toggle Button:

The Privacy Toggle Button switches the BullRush background GPS Tracking ON and OFF.

The default setting is OFF position, which means that Privacy is OFF.

When the Privacy Toggle Button is ON, you can  disable automatic tracking or manually manage your Time items.

For more information on how to use the Privacy Toggle Button, visit the Privacy Toggle Button article in the BullRush Help Center.

Please refer to the GPS Tracking Section of the BullRush Help Center to find out how BullRush automatic task tracking system works.


Weekly Target Bar and Add Time Item Action Button:

Below the Purple Navigation Bar is the Weekly Target Bar, which also features the Action Button for manually adding new Time Items.


Weekly Target:

Weekly Target allows you to set a weekly target for income or hours.  

If no Weekly Target is set, the  "Set a Weekly Target" message will appear. Press the Cog icon/button to go to the  My Settings page and edit your Weekly Target.

For more information on the Weekly Target Bar, visit Weekly Target Bar article in the BullRush Help Center.

For more information on My Settings and setting your Weekly Target, please refer to the My Settings Section in the BullRush Help Center.


Add Time Item Action Button:

The yellow circular button to the right of the Weekly Target bar takes you to a new Time Item page. This allows you to manually define and create a Time Item for a Client.. The best examples of a scenario in which you would make a Manual Time Item would be if you This may occur when you are  meeting a Client or doing work for a Client at your own office.

Just like GPS-generated Time Items, Manual Time Items are closed when you start travelling but can also be closed manually by opening the Time Item from the Time Tracking page and pressing the End Item button.

For more information on adding Manual Time Items visit the Manual Time Item articles (Record Time Item - From Now, Set Start and In The Past) in the Time Items Section of the BullRush Help Center.


The Time Items List Window:

Below the Weekly Target bar, you will find all of the Time Items for the currently selected date.

The Items are displayed in chronological order, with the oldest item that ended on the selected date at the top of the list and the newest item at the bottom of the list.

For more information on the Time Items list and how to interpret or modify Time Items, visit the  Time Item List article in the BullRush Help Center.

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