What happens when I am at a Location that is associated with multiple clients?

No problem. You can simply carry out your business and assign the correct Client to the Time Item after leaving the Location and the Time Item is closed.

When you enter a GPS Location that  appears as a Location for more than one client, BullRush will temporarily assign the placeholder "Multiple Clients" to the Client field of the Time Tracking Item.

When the Time Item is closed and completed, you will see a red icon next to the item and it will be marked as an Incomplete Time Item.

Normally, Time Items are marked as Incomplete when they have not been assigned a Client.

To complete the item, open it from the  Time Tracking Page and assign the correct Client.



Sometimes, you may visit an office building where multiple clients are located. A GeoFence is a circular area with the specific address of the Location at its centre. A GeoFence allows you to move through or around a Client's office or building without creating Time Items at inappropriate or unintended times.

Each time you save  a Client Location,a GeoFence is created.


Further Information:

Need further help with the GPS Location feature, Time Tracking Items, Clients and Locations? Visit the "Using BullRush" category of our Help Center.

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