What if I don't want BullRush to track my location?

What if I don’t want BullRush to track my Location?

There are two ways to disable automatic GPS tracking.


Privacy Toggle Button:

Disable GPS tracking by setting the Privacy Toggle button located in the top right of the Time Tracking page to “on”. The default setting is ‘Privacy Off’.

When Privacy is turned on, BullRush will remain in privacy mode until it is manually changed to off and a Privacy Time Tracking Item is created. Privacy Time Tracking Items are not attributed to any saved Clients and are used to mark periods of your day when you are not working or do not wish to be tracked.

Privacy Time Tracking Items can be converted to a client item by changing the client field on the Time Tracking Item's page.


Daily Privacy Window:

The Daily Privacy Window is a period in your day when you will not be seeing clients and do not need BullRush to track your activity.

Set your Daily Privacy Window by adjusting the ‘End of Day’ and ‘Start of Day’ time under Privacy Settings on the ‘My Settings’ page. When your "End of Day" time is reached, BullRush will automatically disable GPS tracking and place BullRush in Privacy Mode. This will also automatically end your current Time Tracking Item and create a Privacy Time Tracking Item.


What effect will disabling GPS tracking have?  

Disabling GPS location tracking will reduce battery consumption considerably and stop BullRush from automatically attempting to create Time Tracking Items. Be aware that you need to manually create Time Tracking Items when in Privacy Mode or operating within your Daily Privacy Window.

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