Can I edit time once it has been recorded?

Yes. You can manually adjust details for a Time Item such as the Client, Notes, Chargeable Toggle and Expenses.

Whether you can adjust the Start Time differs from one kind of Time Item to another.

You can adjust the Start Time of Time Items that have been automatically created using Client Locations (ONSITE Client Time Items). You cannot adjust the Start Time of any other types of Time Items. (Travel Items, Privacy Items and Manual Time Items.)

You cannot adjust the End Time of any Time Item as this could conflict with the currently recording Time Item.

You can edit client details, notes and add expenses to a Time Tracking item. It is also possible to delete a Time Tracking item; the time is then converted to a Personal Time Tracking Item.


Further Information:

Need further help with Time Items and Personal Time Items? Visit the "Using BullRush" Help Center Category.

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