How does BullRush know where I am?

BullRush automatically records activity through the GPS function of your iOS or Android device while still allowing you full access to the other apps and functionality of your phone.

When you pass within a certain distance of a location recorded against an existing client (within the Clients Organiser), a Time Tracking item will begin. Time tracking will only begin if you stay at the location for a certain amount of time and the GPS function of your phone is enabled.  

To stop BullRush from recording your time, you have a few different options.

You can sign out of the application using the Sign Out button in the top right corner of the Time Tracking page or the Log Out button in the Navigation Menu. Signing out of BullRush will close your currently active Time Item and tracking will not resume until you log back into the application.


Pictured - (Left) The Sign Out button on the Time Tracking page - (Right) The Logout button in the Navigation Menu

The Daily Privacy Window setting allows you to designate a period of time during which BullRush will not track your activity, but you will remain logged in. Note - The Daily Privacy Window is intended to be used for the period of time between leaving work and arriving the next day, during which you would not normally be conducting business related activity.

You can also disable your WiFi, 3G/4G Mobile Data and GPS Location services to prevent BullRush from tracking your time. This will however stop you from using these services for other applications and is not recommended. Disabling only one of the services (WiFi, 3G/4G Mobile Data and GPS Location) will still allow BullRush to track your time to some extent, but the tracking will be inaccurate and inconsistent.


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For more information about GPS Tracking and the Daily Privacy Window, please refer to the BullRush Help Center sections and articles linked below:

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