How does BullRush automatically record my time?

BullRush uses the WiFi, 3G/4G Mobile Data and GPS Locaiton features of your mobile device to track your Location while you work.

When you visit a Location that has been associated with a saved Client, BullRush will automatically create an Onsite Time Item and assign it to that Client.

The Time Item will continue to record while you are at the Location and then close when you leave the Location.

When the Time Item is closed, a Travel Item will be created which will track your journey to the next Location that you stop at. 

Onsite Time Items will also be created when you stop and remain at a Location that is not saved to a Client. The Time Item will not get automatically assigned to any of your saved Clients, but you can return to the Time Item to assign a Client to it if you wish.

The Location is stored in the Time Item as well and can be saved to a Client in order to automatically generate Time Items for the Client when you re-visit the Location.


Manually Tracking Time:

If you do not want the application to track your Gps Location, you can manually manage your time using Manual Time Items.

Manual Time Items can be created by tapping on the yellow Add Item button on the Time Tracking page. 

Pictured - The Add Item button on the Time Tracking page (highlighted)


Daily Privacy Window to prevent automatic activity tracking:

The Daily Privacy Window is a feature that can be enabled to designate a time period each day in which BullRush will not track your activity. 

The Daily Privacy Window can be enabled on the My Settings page and is determined by setting times for the End and Start of your working day.

The Daily Privacy Window will begin at the time you set for the End of Day field and finish at the time you set for the Start of Day field.


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