Can a client have more than one location?

Yes. A Client can be associated with multiple Locations which can be added to their profile manually from the Client Locations page or by assigning the Client to a Time Item which is associated with a new Location.

Client Locations can only be saved and edited by BullRush Administrator accounts but can be viewed and used for Time Tracking by everyone in your Organisation. 

Pictured - The Locations page for a Client in the Mobile Application

Pictured - The Locations page for a Client on the Desktop Client


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For further information on Client Locations and instructions on how to create, edit and utilise them, please refer to the Clients Page - Viewing, Adding and Editing Client Locations Article.

If you are looking for more information regarding GPS Tracking or Clients in general, please refer to the BullRush Help Center Sections linked below:

- GPS Tracking Help Center Section

- Clients Page Help Center Section

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