What Industries is Bullrush good for?

BullRush is useful for professionals, contractors and companies that charge out at an hourly rate and service various Clients that operate from different Locations. 

The application uses GPS Tracking to accurately record time spent at Client Locations and travel to/from Client Locations and save it as Time Items. Once Time Items have been assigned to a Client, either automatically or manually, they can then be processed for invoicing using the Desktop Client.

Expenses and Phone Calls made to/received from Clients can also be recorded and processed for invoicing using the Desktop Client.

Anyone who could benefit from being more precise with their invoicing, in regards to the Phone Calls, Travel and Work that they undertake on behalf of their Clients, will profit from using BullRush.

The list of industries and roles that BullRush could benefit is vast, here are some examples:

- Consultants

- Tradesmen, Builders, Plumbers and Electricians

- Repairmen

- Business, Social, Personal Advisors

- Trainers

- Business Owners

- Government Workers

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