BullRush GPS Tracking Basics

BullRush utilises your phone’s GPS function to automatically track and determine your activity throughout the day. This gives you an accurate snapshot of your day by recording time spent with clients, on phone calls and in-transit.


Automatic Client Location Recognition:

BullRush automatically recognises when you are near a saved Client's Location. BullRush then determines whether you are staying at the Client’s location or simply passing by.

If you remain within a certain radius of a Client’s Location, BullRush will automatically end your Travel Time Item and begin an Onsite Item for the respective Client.

When you travel past or only briefly stop near a Client Location, BullRush will keep your Travel Item open.

Pictured - An Onsite Item that has automatically recognised a Client (Sylvia Park Mall) using on GPS


The GPS function also records travel by making a Travel Time Item when you depart a saved or unsaved location.

Pictured - A Travel Item

Travel Time Items track and plot your journey from one location to another.

When you remain stationary at a location for a certain period of time, BullRush will terminate your Travel Item.

If the Location is associated with a Client, the Time Item will be assigned to them.

If you have not saved the Location to any Clients then it will not be assigned to any Clients but the Location will be saved to the Time Item if you want to assign it to a Client at another time.

Pictured - An Incomplete Travel Item

It will then make an Onsite Item either create a Time Item assigned to a Client or create a Time Item associated with the new Location.

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