Introduction to Adding Clients and Locations

Why saving Clients and Locations is important:

You will need to save clients and locations to BullRush so that your activity can be automatically detected and recorded. For client tracking to work, you will need to assign at least one address to each client. Using GPS Tracking, BullRush can detect when you arrive at or leave Client Locations and will automatically create a relevant Time Item when you do so.

Onsite Items will be created if you enter and remain at a Client Location for a period of time.

Pictured - An Onsite Time Item

Travel Items will be created if you leave a Client Location and travel somewhere else.

Pictured - A Travel Time Item


Adding Clients and Locations during Setup:

When creating an Organisation for BullRush you will be asked if you want to sync your accounting software with your BullRush account. If you do this, your Client contact information, including Locations, will be imported to BullRush.

BullRush will only import names and locations for the purposes of setting up your Clients for automatic time tracking.

Pictured - The Accounting Software Sync page from the Organisation Setup Wizard.


Adding Clients and Locations after Setup: *Add Pictures from Client folder*

1.) On the Mobile Application - Press the menu button in the top left and then tap the Clients button in the navigation menu to open the Clients page.

Pictured - The Clients button in the Mobile Application Navigation Menu


1.) On the Desktop Client - Click the Clients button in the navigation menu to open the Clients page.

Pictured - The Clients button in the Desktop Client Navigation Menu

2.) On the Clients page tap/click on the yellow Add Client button. This will open the New Client page on the mobile application and the New Client dialog box on the Desktop Client.

Pictured - The Edit Client page on the Mobile Application


Pictured - The Edit Client dialog box on the Desktop Client

3.) Once you have created a Client you will be able to view and edit Locations by opening their Client Profile from the Client List.

Pictured - The Client Location page on the Mobile Application

Pictured - The Client Location tab on the Desktop Client

For detailed information on adding Clients and Locations please refer to the Clients Page section of the BullRush Help Center.

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