How do I Export my Time Tracking data from BullRush using the Safari web browser?

If you are experiencing issues with downloading/exporting a .CSV file of your Time Tracking data from BullRush using Safari, that is because Safari is not designed to handle raw data inside of the browser.


Clicking on the "EXPORT TO CSV" Button while using web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge will download a .CSV spreadsheet file (with your Time Tracking information) directly to your downloads folder.


Clicking on the "EXPORT TO CSV" Button while using the Safari browser will instead open the raw Time Tracking information in a new browser tab.


There is, however, a very simple work-around that allows you to Export your Time Tracking data from the new browser tab.

How to export your Time Tracking to a CSV file using the Safari Web Browser:

1.) Log into your BullRush account using the Safari Web Browser.

2.) Navigate to the Pending Items Page.


3.) Filter and select the Time Items and Expenses which you would like to export to a .CSV file.

4.) Click on the "EXPORT TO CSV" Button - a new web browser window will open with your Time Tracking data displayed in a raw format.


5.) Right click on the new page and then click Save Page As.


6.) In the dialog box that opens, change the file name to whatever you wish and then select where you would like to save the Time Tracking .csv file. Do not save yet!


7.) Important:  Add ".csv" to the end of your filename, this will format the file as a .csv.


8.) Click Save.


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