Pending Items Page - Syncing BullRush with Xero (Admin Only)

The Pending Items page requires you to sync BullRush with an accounting software account in order to process your Time Items for invoicing.

Only Admin level BullRush accounts are able to sync to Xero, process Time Items for invoicing on the Pending Items Page and sync Clients from a Xero account.

This article will explain the process for syncing a Xero account to BullRush and lead into the Pending Items Page - Processing a Time Item Article.


Logging into Xero and Syncing with BullRush:

In order to log into Xero and sync your Xero account with BullRush you will need to click on the Connect to Xero Button in the top right corner of the page.

Clicking on this button will open a new tab in your browser that will automatically navigate to the Xero login page.

Once you have entered your Xero account details and logged in, you will need to select the Xero account which you want to sync with BullRush. 

Note: We recommend that you only sync BullRush with one Xero account if you have multiple Xero accounts. Syncing BullRush with multiple account may be desirable if you want to sync BullRush Clients with multiple Xero accounts but for the purposes of consistency and efficiency, syncing your BullRush Organisation with just one Xero account is the best option.

Once you have selected the Xero account which you want to sync with BullRush and allowed access, the Xero tab will close and you will be returned to the tab which BullRush is open in.

You may notice that the Connect to Xero Button has changed and will now have a timer counting down next to it.

Your Xero account will only remain synced with BullRush for a limited time in order to help protect your account security.

The Send All and Send Buttons will also become active, these are used to process Time Items you have chosen from the Pending Items List through to Xero.


Syncing Clients to BullRush using Xero:

It is possible to sync your Xero account to BullRush when first creating an Organisation during the Sign Up process. This step can be skipped, however, as it is possible to manually create Client Profiles in BullRush and use those for Time Tracking.

If you decide to sync your BullRush account to Xero at a later date, your Xero Contact list and BullRush Client List will be synced, as they need to be identical for invoice processing to work correctly.

Each time you sync your BullRush account to Xero the Client List will be updated in both BullRush and Xero. Clients will be added or removed from one list depending on whether you have added or removed them on the other list.

BullRush Client List (Above Left) - Xero Contact List (Above Right)


Processing a Time Item on the Pending Items Page for invoicing in Xero:

This article continues straight into the Processing a Time Item Article, please click the link below to proceed.


Continue to the Pending Items Page - Processing a Time Item Article -->



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