Call Logs Page - Overview (iPhone Phone Call Processing)

The Call Logs Page is where Call Logs exported from your mobile device can be converted to Time Items which then allows them to be processed for invoicing to Clients.



The Call Logs Page is designed with iPhone Users in mind as Call Logs cannot be accessed by BullRush on Apple devices.

Currently this feature does not work because the functionality to export Call Logs from Apple devices has not been implemented into BullRush yet.

This means that Apple Users cannot process their Call Logs into Time Items and as such cannot invoice Clients for Phone Calls.


The Call Logs Page:

The Call Logs Page is comprised of four different features and functions which allow you to view and process the Call Logs you have exported from your Apple iPhone.

This article will explore the different features and functions of the Call Logs Page:

- The User Filter (Admin Only)

- The Date Selector

- The Browse for Call Logs Button

- The Phone Call List


The User Filter (Admin Only):

The User Filter allows Admin level BullRush Users to filter the Call Logs Page so it only displays Call Log information for specific Users within their Organisation.


The User Filter will not do anything until you have loaded some Call Logs. 

Click on the User Selector to open it.

If you wish to view the Call Logs for every User in your BullRush Organisation, select the "All Users" option in the User Filter.


The Date Filter:

The Date Selector allows you to select from a few different date ranges (or define a custom one) that will filter the Call Logs and only display the Phone Calls that were made within the Date Range.


There are four preset options to choose from; "Today," "Yesterday," "Last 7 Days" and "Last 30 Days."

Clicking on the Custom Range option will open a Calendar Interface, where you will need to select a Start and End Date for your Date Range.

The first date you select will be the Start Date and the second date you select will be the End Date.


The Browse for Call Logs Button:

The Browse for Call Logs Button will open a new Finder window (on Apple Mac) or a new File Browser window (on PC) from which you can load Call Log files onto the Call Logs Page.

It is not currently possible to export Call Logs from Apple devices using BullRush, which means that it is also not possible to load Call Logs into the Call Logs Page and then process them into Time Items.

This functionality is high on the BullRush development road-map and will be available in the future.


Processing Phone Calls on Android devices:

Android devices are able to access the Call Logs on the phone which enables Android Users to process phone calls they have made into Time Items within BullRush. This can be done in the BullRush Mobile Application using the Call History Page.


For more information on processing phone calls, the Call History Page and Call Items, please refer to the Help Center Sections and Articles linked below:

- Mobile Support - Call History Page (Android Only) Help Center Section

- Mobile Support - Time Items - Call Item (Android Only) Article

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