User Tracking Page - Overview

The User Tracking Page is used to view the last known active GPS locations of Users in your BullRush Organisation.


Only Admin level BullRush accounts have access to the User Tracking Page.


User Tracking Page Features and Functions:

The User Tracking Page is comprised of three different features and functions:

- The Refresh Button

- The User Filter

- The User Tracking Map


The Refresh Button:

The Refresh Button updates the locations of Users on the User Tracking Map if they have moved since the Map was initially opened or refreshed last.


The Client Filter which you have selected will remain in place after you refresh the page.


The User Filter:

The User Filter allows you to filter the User Tracking Map to display the Location of just a specific User from your BullRush Organisation.


If you wish to view a list of every Users Expenses, after selecting a specific User, you can click the "All Users" option at the top of the User List.

Click on the User Selector to open it.


The User Tracking Map:

The User Tracking Map is a live Google Map which can be interacted with for the purposes of viewing the GPS Locations of other members of your BullRush Organisation.


The User Tracking Map functions the same as the standard Google Maps Location service.

To move the map, click on the Map and drag it using your mouse.

To change the map view from a graphic map to satellite view, click on the buttons in the top left corner of the map.

To zoom the map in and out, you can either use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the "+" Plus and "-" Minus Buttons that are located in the bottom right corner of the Map.

Selecting a specific User in the User Filter above the map will only display their location on the map.


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