Invoices Page - Overview

The Invoices Page is where you can review the Invoices which you have sent to Clients using your accounting software.

The Invoices Page requires you to connect to and sync your accounting software account with BullRush in order to be able to view the Invoices you have sent to Clients.

Currently Xero is the only accounting software that BullRush supports, but the capability to sync with other accounting software providers is coming soon.

Only Admin level BullRush accounts are able to sync BullRush to accounting software and view their Organisations Invoices.

For more information on how to sync your BullRush account to Xero, please refer to the articles linked below:

- Invoices Page - Syncing BullRush with Xero Article

- Pending Items Page - Syncing BullRush with Xero Article


The Invoices Page:

The Invoices Page is comprised of three different features and functions:

- The Connect to Xero Button

- The Refresh Button

- The Invoices List


The Connect to Xero Button:

The Connect to Xero Button allows you to sync your BullRush account to your Xero account.


Syncing Xero to BullRush will populate the Invoices List with Invoices which have already been sent to Clients and allow you to review them.


Clicking on the Connect to Xero Button will open the Xero Login Page in a new tab. Logging into Xero will begin a Xero session within BullRush, which will activate the Send and Send All Buttons on the Pending Items Page.


In order to protect your account sercurity BullRush will only remain synced to Xero for 30 minutes. After this period expires your Xero account will be automatically logged out of BullRush which will require you to log back into Xero if you wish to continue reviewing Invoices. 

If you have not already signed into Xero through BullRush, Client profiles that you have saved to your Xero account will be imported to BullRush so they can be used for Time Tracking. BullRush does not import any financial information and will only import Client Location and Contact Information for the purposes of GPS and Phone Call tracking.


The Refresh Button:

The Refresh Button updates the Invoices List with any complete Invoices that have been processed since the page was initially opened or last refreshed.



The Invoice List:

The Invoice List is where all of your Organisations Invoices will be displayed once you have logged into and synced BullRush with your chosen accounting software.


The Invoice List will not display any invoices until you have synced BullRush with accounting software.

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