User Page (Admin Only) - Adding, Viewing and Editing Users

Adding New Users:

To add a new user to a BullRush Organisation, click on the yellow Add User button located above the User List on the right side of the page.

The Add User dialog box will appear which contains five information fields and settings.



The Email field is for the Users email address whom you are inviting to your BullRush Organisation.

Once you have completed filling out the User's information, an invitation email will be sent to their email address which contains a temporary password that they must use to activate their BullRush account.

After logging in using the temporary password, the User will be prompted to create their own personal password.

Their email address will also become the username that they use to log into both the BullRush Desktop Client and Mobile Application.


Contact First Name and Last Name fields: 

The First and Last Name fields will determine what the User's display name will be within BullRush. These are important because they will be used to designate and label all of the User's Time Items, Expenses, Call Items and processed Invoices.



A User's Role defines their account privileges within BullRush. Every level of BullRush account is able to view their Time Items, view the Organisations Clients, manage their own Expenses and access the Dashboard, Incomplete Items, Pending Items and Call Logs pages.

The specific priveleges for the three different types of BullRush account are explained below:

- Organisation Administrator - The primary account for your Organisation's BullRush account. The Organisation Administrator has the ability to manage Clients, Users, manage the general settings for the Organisation, view Invoice history and process Time Items for invoicing.

- Administrator - Admin accounts can be created and assigned by the Organisation Administrator. Administrator accounts have the same privileges as the Organisation Administrator and are for individuals who are capable of managing the BullRush account when the Organisation Administrator is unable to.

- Team Member - Team Member accounts are unable to manage Clients, Users, view Invoice history and process Time Items for invoicing.


Managed by Admin (checkbox):

When inviting a new Team Member User, an Administrator can choose to manage that User's settings.

For more information on how to create a Team Member account with Admin-managed settings, please refer to the User Page (Admin Only) - Managing a Team Member's Settings Article.

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