My Account Page - Payment History Tab

Payment History Tab:

The Payment History Tab is where you will be able to review your subscription payments and cancel your subscription.

Your first subscription payment will only be made once the 1 month trial period for your account has finished, so you will not see any payments on the Payment History page until that time.

Once you have started your subscription, each payment and its details will appear in descending chronological order.


Date Range Filter:

The Date Range filter is located above the Payment List and allows you to view all the subscription payments made within a certain period of time.

To view a specific date range, click on the left Date Range Filter to set the start date for the range and then click on the right Date Range Filter to set the end date.

To choose a date for either the Start or End date, find and then click on that date in the calendar.


Cancel Subscription:

The Cancel Subscription button is used for removing the automatic renewal on your BullRush subscription. To cancel your BullRush subscription, click on the Cancel Subscription button and then click Yes to confirm.

If you cancel your subscription, you will have access to the full functionality of the Desktop Client until your last paid subscription period ends. 

When your subscription runs out, you will still have full use of the BullRush Mobile Application but your access to the BullRush Desktop Client but will very limited. You will not be able to manage your data, Users and Clients but more importantly you will not be able to process your data for invoicing or exporting.



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