My Account Page - Organisation Details Tab (Admin Account Only)

Organisation Details Tab:

The Organisation Details Tab is where the information regarding your Organisation can be adjusted. The Organisation Details is just simple location and contact information that is used by BullRush for the purposes of communicating with your company.

In addition to the location and contact details, there will also be a summary of your BullRush subscription on the right side of the page, which includes the active subscription plan and the date of plan renewal. It is also possible to upload a Logo for your Organisation.

All of the Organisation Details can be adjusted by clicking on the text field. 

Remember to click on the Save button that appears at the top of the My Settings tab to save your changes.



Subscription Details:

The Subscription Details appear on the right side of the Organisation Details tab.

These will change depending on which BullRush plan your Organisation has chosen.

To select a BullRush subscription plan, you will need to navigate to the Payment Plans tab which is the last tab on right side of the My Account Page.

For more information on selecting your BullRush subscription plan, please refer to the My Account Page - Payment Plans Tab Article.

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