My Account Page - My Settings Tab

Getting to the My Settings Tab:

In order to view and adjust the My Settings Tab, you will need to navigate to the My Account Page.

The My Account Page can be accessed from the Navigation Menu located on the left side of the BullRush Desktop Client.

You will be taken to the My Details Tab by default when you open the My Account page.

The My Settings tab is the second tab on the My Account page and can be accessed by clicking on the My Settings tab button.


My Settings:

The My Settings tab is where you can adjust various settings for your BullRush account.

It is split into seven different sections which affect different features and functions within BullRush. Click on one of the links below to view the relevant Help Center Article:

- Billing Settings Article

- Billing Targets Article

- Privacy Settings Article

- Phone Call Settings Article

- Travel Settings Article

- Notification Settings Article

- Advanced Settings Article

Each article provides instructions on how to adjust the various settings and explanations of their function within BullRush.

The My Settings page is also available in the BullRush Mobile Application, please refer to the My Settings Page Section of the Mobile Support Help Center category.

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