My Account Page - Payment Plans Tab

Payment Plans Tab:

The Payment Plans Tab is where you select which BullRush plan you would like to subscribe to.

The subscription plans scale based on the amount of Users that you are able to have within your Organisation. This means that you will not be able to select plans that do not accommodate your full list of Users. For example, if you have invited 10 Users to your Organisation you will be able to select the 10 User plan but will not be able to select the 5 User plan.

In addition to the fixed User limit plans, there are also flexible User plans that allow you to adjust your subscription based on exactly how many active User accounts you have within your BullRush Organisation.


Setting up your subscription:

Once you have chosen the plan that is best for your Organisation, click the Get Started button to open Stripe payment interface where you will need to first enter some brief profile information and then enter your payment details.


You can change how you renew your subscription at any time from the Payment Method Tab of the My Account Page. For more information on the Payment Method Page, please refer to the My Account Page - Payment Method Tab Article.


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