My Account Page - Payment Method Tab

Payment Method Tab:

The Payment Method Tab is where you are able to view and adjust your billing and credit card details.

When you sign up for a BullRush subscription, your Payment Method will be saved to your BullRush account in order to handle the monthly payments automatically.

Clicking the Update button on the Payment Method tab opens up the Stripe payment interface where you will need to first enter some brief profile information and then enter your payment details.


Your Payment Method can be changed as many times as you like, but it will need to be valid in order to process your subscription successfully on the next day of payment.

You will also be prompted to enter your Payment Method when signing up for a BullRush subscription on the Payment Plans page. The interface for doing this will be identical to the Stripe dialog boxes pictured above.

For more information on BullRush Payment Plans, please refer to the article and url linked below:

- My Account Page - Payment Plans Tab Article

- BullRush Website Payment Plans Information

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