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A Note on GPS Tracking and New Locations:

In addition to being able to recognise and utilise existing Client Location for Time Tracking, BullRush can also create and store new Locations for the purposes of associating with Clients and/or used for processing Time Items for invoicing.

When you stay at a Location that has not been saved to and associated with one of your Clients for a period of time, BullRush will create an Onsite Time Item. In addition to recording the timing information of the Time Item, BullRush will also store a reference to your GPS Location in the Time Item.

The Location is stored in case you wish to return to the Time Item after it has completed recording and assign a Client to it for the purposes of billing them for your time. You will also be asked, when assigning a Client to the Time Item, if you wish to indefinitely associate that Location with the Client. If you chose to do this, any future Time Items recorded at the Location will be automatically assigned to that particular Client.

If you wish to stop associating a particular Location with a Client, it can be deleted from their Client profile from the Client Locations page.

For detailed information on Clients, managing Client Locations, Time Items and GPS Tracking, please refer to the other Help Center sections and articles linked below:

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Advanced Settings:

The Advanced Settings section of the My Settings Tab has only one setting; Create New Locations.


Create New Locations:

The Create New Locations setting determines whether or not Time Item will be created when you stop at Locations which are not saved to any of your Clients.

To enable or disable the Create New Locations setting, click on the checkbox.


These Time Items will be marked as Incomplete and appear on your Incomplete Items Page. To complete a Time Item (and remove it from the Incomplete Items Page) you can either assign a saved Client to it or assign the Personal client placeholder to it.

It is recommended that you leave this setting Enabled (ticked), especially when you have just started using BullRush and may not have all of your Clients Locations saved.  

If you have not saved a certain Location to a Client and have a meeting with them at that Location, a Time Item (and the respective Travel Item) will not get automatically created. This will require you to create a Manual Time Item to represent the time you spent with the Client. In addition to estimating the time you actually spent with the Client, you will also have to estimate the travel distance/time if you wish to also invoice the Client for the travel you undertook to meet them.

Remember to click on the Save button that appears at the top of the My Settings tab to save your changes.

For detailed information on Onsite Items, Travel Items and creating Manual Time Items, please refer to the other Help Center sections and articles linked below:

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