My Account Page - My Details Tab

In order to view and adjust the My Details Tab, you will need to navigate to the My Account Page.

The My Account Page can be accessed from the Navigation Menu located on the left side of the BullRush Desktop Client.

You will be taken to the My Details Tab by default when you open the My Account page.

The My Details Tab is where you can adjust your First and Last Names. 

All the Time Items, Phone Calls and Expenses which you record and process through BullRush will be associated with the name for your account. This is so the BullRush administrators for your Organisation can recognise your activity within BullRush.

To adjust either the First Name or Last Name for your BullRush account, simply click on either text field and then enter your name.

Once you have made your changes and are happy with them, click on the Save button that appears above the name fields.

If you wish to discard your changes, click on the Cancel button.

Changes made to your name take immediate effect and will display on all the Time Items, Phone Calls and Expenses associated with your account.

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